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Training Announcement- FBI LEEDA- Executive Leadership Institute

The Lexington Police Department and FBI-LEEDA are co-hosting the FBI-LEEDA Executive Leadership Institute November 26-30.  This is an innovative 4 1/2-day program designed for executive level law enforcement leaders and focuses on the emerging challenges facing our profession. This highly interactive program follows the FBI-LEEDA “cops talking to cops" model of professional development.
The course first looks inward to identify the forces of change and emerging trends within law enforcement, such as the challenges of merging the perspectives of traditionalist, baby boomer, generation X and Millennial employees and presents leadership strategies to manage and adapt to future conditions.
• Power and Leadership
• Transactional and Transformational Leadership
• Emotional and Social Intelligence
• Generations and Diversity
• Employee Wellness
• Fair and Impartial Policing and Restorative Justice

Register online at or call 877-772-7712 for more information.
The registration fee is $650. Class begins at 8:30 a.m.; dress is business casual.

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